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Different Ways How People Add Weight
Weight loss can also be referred as the physical fitness.weight loss can b defined as the methods that are used to reduce the body mass. This is caused by the loss of fats and fluids from the body. There are different reasons why you may shed weight. You may lose the body mass voluntarily or involuntarily. involuntarily is when you don’t want to and can be caused by stress or malnutrition among others. Losing weight voluntary may involve an individual dieting, taking hormones, or exercising among others.
The physicians may have different ideas about losing weight. Different people will react different to varying medications. Therefore, the physician will tend to prescribe different kind of medications because there are varying underlying weight problem for every person. It may also because of different weight gaining reasons.
One may gain weight because they have a slow metabolism. You will therefore chose a method that will work for this. You may reach an age when you don’t feel like you are losing weight. You will get a specific medication for the same. This by reducing appetite and also increasing metabolism. One of the most preferred medication for this is the phentermine. However, if this will not work for you, you can ask the physician to prescribe another medication.
You may gain weight due to carbs cravings. There are those people who are not comfortable without taking carbs. Some of the carbs may include wheat, and sugar and this may affect you severely especially when taken during the night. You dint need energy giving food when you are sleeping rather you need them when you are active or working. Get advice on the best type of food to eat. You will minimize the cravings when you take the medication.
Another medication that you can get is to stop the menstrual cycle cravings. Some people will crave for chocolate, sweets and carbs among others. It is caused by hormonal imbalance and hence can be stopped using specific medication. The medication will prevent the growth of unwanted hair and also prevent bloating and acne.
Stress eating is a common reason why people gain weight. In this case, you eat too much when you are stressed. Most people will run to the food that may give them comfort. There is a specific medication that will target that and you will end up eating healthy even when you are in a compromising situation. You can also take medicine to control your food portions. There are those people who will overeat when they are hungry. Some will end up feeling guilty after they have eaten. You may get medication for the same. You will therefore take a portion that fits you after medication.


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