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An Insight of the Feast Days of Yahweh

Biblical festivals are celebrated by Christians globally. Even though they occurred thousands of years ago, their influence especially on Christian lives still lives on. In the current world today, these festivals are not only celebrated by the Jewish people only but also by all individuals who know and love Yahweh. The biblical festivals reflect on all feasts that Yahweh and the then Jewish people (whom at times are recognized as followers of Christ) were involved in. from the Passover, feast of the unleavened bread, and the feast of trumpets are all examples of the biblical feasts that were celebrated in the days of Yahweh. Let’s now get an insight into the various feast days of Yahweh.

The Passover feast. This is a feast that was celebrated by the Jewish people of Israel as they marked their liberation from the Egyptian empire, which was under the lordship of Pharaoh. The Passover feast also marked the beginning of the Jewish nation as they were freed from Pharaoh’s days of oppression. This feast did not end with the ancient Jewish communities; it continues even in the modern world and it is celebrated globally. Today, Jews and those who love Yahweh converge to celebrate the freedom of Jews. The memorial feast usually commences on the 14th day in the month of Abib, which at times is commonly known as the month of green years of barley. However, modern society no longer slaughters a lamb as a sign of immolation. Instead, they use emblems which normally serve as the body of Yahweh (also referred to as Yahshua). Grape juice is as well used as blood to commemorate the feast.

The feast of unleavened bread was also commonly practiced by the Jewish people and is still celebrated in modern society. This feast marked the days the Israelites spent in the wilderness after they were freed from slavery. In the wilderness, they used to eat unleavened bread, but later on, it was replaced with manna. Yahuwah was the provider of manner to the Israelites in the wilderness for the entire period. The modern society (living followers of Yahweh) celebrates the day as a memorial to the struggles the Jews of the day went through in the wilderness. The memorial feast takes place for 6 days between the 15th and the 21st day of the month of Abib. The main aim here is to remove any pride, sin, or any other doctrine that may not be according to the teachings of the scripture from the lives of believers.

Ordained by God, the feast of trumpets was made to celebrate what God had done to the Israelites. Various kinds of offerings could be brought to God as a form of appreciation for the things He did to them- from liberation from slavery to the provision of manna. In modern society, the memorial fest takes place between the month of September and October but usually varies depending on the calendar. Christians today celebrate the feast of trumpets to thank God for various things that have been done in their lives.

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