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When is the Best Time to Trim Trees?

There are a lot of dangers associated with overgrown trees and bushes in your compound. A lot of damages is experienced when overgrown trees fall off. Furthermore, overgrown bushes may act as hideouts to strangers and endangered animals. Trimming your trees and cutting down the bushes is therefore of utmost importance. Apart from prevention of damages that may be caused by trees and avoiding chances of strangers, well-trimmed trees give your compound an elegant look, hence the reason you should consider it. However, you don’t just wake up one day and decide to call a tree trimming service provider to cut off or trim the trees. Rather, it requires adequate planning to ensure that the best work is done. One of the questions you might be having is when to call a tree trimming service provider. For more details on the best time to call a tree trimming service provider, take a look at these basic guidelines.

When the branches are unstable and brittle. Tree branches become dead and weak when they are overgrown. Smaller branches falling off from the trees is one of the ways this starts. Continuous falling of smaller branches will lead to the final fall of the main branches, which would lead to a lot of damage. You therefore should expect larger branches to fall off when the smaller ones commence. To avoid any damages and collaterals, you should consider calling a professional tree trimming service to ensure that they are effectively trimmed.

Diseased and infested branches. There are certain types of pests that may occupy the branches and the stem of the tree, for example beetles and ants. For the purpose of building a residence, these pests usually eat up the inner part of the tree. This makes trees to fall off due to the fact that they become weak. Additionally, there are diseases associated with trees, and they usually affect the branches. These diseases lead to weakness in branches, hence leading to branches falling off. Therefore, if you note that there are pests that have built up on your trees, or a mysterious disease has started affecting the branches, then you should note that it’s time for tree removal service. In such a time, you should consider calling a top-rated tree trimming service provider to help you out.

In conclusion, winter is the best time to consider a tree trimming service. At this time, trees are dominant, meaning that there are less diseases and insects, the impact of the surrounding is limited, and finally they heal faster. It is therefore important that you consider calling a tree trimming service during winter if at all there are no signs that may lead to emergency trimming.

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